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What is Hextech Store


Hextech Store is a digital webstore where you can purchase all your favorite League of Legends items, such as orbs, chests or keys at a steep discount!

  • We are cheap. You can buy Hextech Loot from us at half the price you would get anywhere else!
  • We are reliable. If something goes wrong with your order, we are always there to help you out!
  • We are fast. Your order is with you as fast as possible.

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Fast Delivery

After you've made the payment, you will receive friend requests from our dedicated accounts. Once you've accepted them, relax and wait for 24 hours to pass. Our bots will automatically send you the items you've ordered after 24-32 hours have passed.


We only need you to provide us with your RiotID to complete your order. We will never ask you for any of your private information.


Everything is automated on our website, you will never need to waste time contacting anyone to receive your order.


We offer our services to all major regions, including EUNE, EUW, NA, OCE, LAS, and LAN.

Our Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

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After purchase, check your friend requests, to be able to send you your items you must have our bots on your friend list for at least 24 hours. After they've finished their task and delivered your goods, they will automatically remove you.

There are certain requirements set by the client we need to fulfill in order to deliver your order properly. After accepting the friend requests from us, you will receive gifts after exactly 24 hours. There is also a limit of 10 gifts per 24 hours per account. So if you've already received 10 gifts, you will receive another 10 after 24 hours have passed.

Absolutely, we've completed thousands of orders without a single incident. We make sure not a single customer leaves unhappy.

We accept Credit and Debit cards via Stripe and most common cryptocurrencies.

If you've accepted the friend requests and more than 32 hours have passed since then, please join our Discord server and open a support ticket, we'll have someone look at your order and help you right away.